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Bryce (Justin Riley) is just trying to make it through the day. As a news photographer for the #1 station in a small South Texas market, he struggles with the insanity that is his chosen profession.


Bryce takes us through a day in the life of a photojournalist and introduces us to the faces of TV News (Sally Colombo and Craig Rainey), an overzealous gung-ho nutjob (Marc Daratt), a sexy but insanely livid brunette (Nikki Young) and an intelligent, responsible and sensible reporter who doesn't belong in the news (Pamela D. Hardy)


Along the way, Bryce gives us an education in the news business as he dodges car wrecks, loopy photo bomber and a duo of crazy commercial producers in this comedy written by former photojournalist Brett Mauser.




Nikki Young, Marc Daratt, Taylor Johnson, Pamela D Hardy

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