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The production team of Not So Sane Entertainment is returning to their roots and one of their true  Music has always been a part of our lives and has helped us create some incredible motion pictures, whether it was the score, or merely the inspiration for a story or scene.  From 2003-2010, we produced more than 50 music videos. Today, we return to those roots and begin producing stellar and high quality music videos for everyone from the big-budgeted artist to the independent band.

The $500 Music Video Experience **

Are yo a local artist with little to no bank roll?  We've been there!  And we want to help you out. Not So Sane Entertainment now offers you the chance to get your own professionally

 produced music video for only $500.  Simply choose the track you'd like to turn into a music video, secure two locations, and show up to the shoot on the determined day and we'll shoot your non-concept* music video for you.


You'll have us for two hours, then we take the footage back to our studio and edit it using professional editing software and film filters to give it that Hollywood look. Ready to get your music video rolling?  Call us now at 361-906-6887.


*A non-concept music video means there is no story, and it is just varying takes and shots of your band performing the track.  For concept videos, see our moderate to big-budget music videos.

Moderate to Big Budget Music Videos

Ready for something with a little more flash and substance?  We'll help you produce your music video complete with storyline, locations, dancers and choreographer.  Simply tell us what you are looking for and we'll provide you with the required budget to get the video shot and edited.


When you're ready to bring in the big guns (or cameras) call us at 361-906-6887 to get started!

Announcing Our "Rising Artist" Op **

In late 2015, Not So Sane Entertainment plans to produce its first feature length musical.  And we're looking for great songs to be a part of the film!  We're also looking for some great music videos to promote our product!  If we find some music that really reaches out to us and impacts us, then we might be interested in shooting your music video free of charge, or including it in our musical.

If you think what you have what it takes, email us an mp3 of your song to, and we'll check it out.  If we think it suits our needs and is the type of sound and feeling we're looking for, we'll either shoot the music video for you for free with our concept, or we'll begin talks with you to include the track as a part of our first feature length musical!


Remember, just because we don't choose your track, doesn't mean we think you're not a terrific artist, it just means it's not quite the sound we are looking for.

** All music video packages include 1 Blu-Ray, 2 DVDs and a digital version of the music video.  $500 Music Video and "Rising Star" packages grant us the right to use the videos in our demo reels and on our site to help promote our services.

Explore the many music videos produced or edited by Brett Mauser. Videos that were only edited by Mauser are noted.  Those not noted with "editor" were shot and edited by Mauser.

Music Videos (2003 - 2010)

Rachel Stamp, Do Me In Once

Capone, Barrio

Capone, Getaway

Capone, Good Girls

Capone, Por Eso

Capone, Ugly

Capone, Walk Away

A.I.T.F., Block Party

A.I.T.F., Back Door

Dub UB, Last Blood, Last Breath

21 Black, Ain't Got Nobody

21 Black, It Is What It Is

21 Black, Open the Door

21 Black, Open the Door (Jazz Version)

21 Black (ft. Sally Columbo), Open the Door (Jazz Version)

21 Black, Now Is The Time

Bradley Bates, Little T***y Girl

Breeze, Missing My Homie

Breeze, When We Were Kids

Cornell Cutts, We Ask Not

Cynthia Jones, Gotta Soul

Immortal Soldierz, We Roll

Immortal Soldierz, No Reggie

Jade Esteban Estrada, Bella Moreno (editor)

Jade Esteban Estrada, C'mon Pretty Baby

Kinto Sol, Cuando Sale El Sol (editor)

Kinto Sol, Dejo Mi Huella (editor)

Kinto Sol, Directo Al Grano (editor)

Kinto Sol, El Destino (editor)

Kinto Sol, El Tiempo Pasa

Kinto Sol, Elle Se Fue (editor)

El Chivo, En El Barrio (editor)

Kinto Sol, Esa Es Familia (editor)

Kinto Sol, Estoy En El Piso

Kinto Sol, Frasco Lleno(editor)

Kinto Sol, F.U.C.I.L.

DJ Payback Garcia, Hecho En Aztlan 3 (editor)

Kinto Sol, Kinto Sol No Juega (editor)

Kinto Sol, Lo Que No Tienen (editor)

Kinto Sol, Los Hijos Del Maiz (editor)

Kinto Sol, Mi Pasado (editor)

Kinto Sol, Los Que Peleamos

Kinto Sol, Me Siguen Buscando (editor)

Kinto Sol, Nos Los Jugamos (editor)

Kinto Sol, Pase Lo Que Pase (editor)

Kinto Sol, Perros de Las Calles (editor)

Kinto Sol, Puedo Quedar Sordo (editor)

Kinto Sol, Y Como Yo (editor)

Kinto So, Soy Yo

Kinto Sol, Se Que No Lo Quierres

Kinto Sol, La Antorcha (editor)

Perfect Vision, Come Back Home

SKS, Still Thuggin'

South Coast, You and Me

The Circle, I've Been Signed

Tre 7, Rhyme 101

William Taylor, Calling Your Name

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