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In the year 2022, the Corporations and the Government are one. The Corporate States of America, in an attempt to control greenhouse gas emissions has instituted the Green Lottery, a program in which citizens are selected at random and executed by assassins known as "Green Agents".


Isabella Montoya (Amy Jordan), a Green Agent, is in fact a sleeper agent for the Monarchy of California. Activated by a mysterious man, Kenji (Kazumasa Yokoyama),

Isabella must infiltrate the Environmental Protection Corporation headquarters and secure a file that could bring an end to the Green Lottery. Also on the path to find the truth about Global Warming and Green Legislation is Corporate Officer Dawson (Marc Daratt).


In the process of learning the truth about the planet, Isabella will also learn the truth about her father, her contact Kenji, and about herself.




Amy Jordan, Will Scoville, Marc Daratt

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