Froggy Returns

Froggy '08

Writer's Strike #1

Writer's Strike #2

Happy New Years

Anti-Poverty '08

Gas Prices '08

Frog's Wrath Pt. 1

Frog's Wrath Pt. 2

Frog on McCain and Obama Pt. 1

Frog on McCain and Obama Pt. 2

Is Froggy a Racist?

Wellfare is Bullshit

Halloween Is Bullshit

Teabag a Congressman

From the original series, War Dawgz, Froggy has branched out with his own website, after the rest of the cast got tired of him.

The original series is over now, but from time to time Froggy still gets something up his butt and wants to speak his mind.

Here is a collection of all his past rants, starting with his very first one back in 2008 with his announcement of running for President of the United States.

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