Feature Films

The Innocence Saga


The entire Innocence Saga, all ten chapters, are now online for your viewing pleasure.


Lose your Innocence as you follow Mike Lorenzo on his quest through time to stop the ultimate evil, Collin Donovan


See the entire Innocence Saga on our YouTube page at youtube.com/notsosanemen.

The Benders


View the entire feature film online now!


Simone is your average housewife, but when fate crosses her path, she discovers that the world is not everything she believed it was.



After spending some time in the News Industry, writer and director Brett William Mauser produced VOSOT, a film that shows what life in the local news business is really like!



Dane Berkshire stars as Joy, a woman down on her luck who stumbles in to the wrong bar at the wrong time and gets caught up in a drug war between two competing meth dealers.







Set in the near future, this science fiction Ponderous classic presents a dystopian future where environmentalism has taken priority of human life.  Isabella Montoya is a Green Agent, tasked with assassinating the winners of the Green Lottery.



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