Joy is down on her luck and when she finds herself out of gas, she stumbles in to the wrong bar at the wrong time.  When things seem at their worst, Joy accepts an offer she knows will change her life forever.  Before long she finds herself indebted to one side of a war between two drug lords.


Hired to pull the trigger on a meth dealer, Joy has to find it within herself to escape with her life and in as few pieces as possible.  But the task seems more and more difficult as suspicions within the meth gang begin to run rampant.


Dane Berkshire, Cassandra Burford and Karen Roberge deliver stellar action packed performances in this grindhouse film set in South Texas.


DVD Special Features Include:


Commentary with Dane Berkshire and Brett Mauser

Behind the Scenes Video

Gag Reel


English Subtitles

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