Based on the short film, The Bender, this feature version stars Aileen Corpos, Craig Rainey, Sergio Cantu, Marc Daratt and June Griffin Garcia.  The film questions reality and seeks the question as to what would happen to the world if it discovered it was merely a computer simulation.


Simone awakens one day to find her life falling apart.  When she feels at the end of her rope, fate throws an entire new reality at her.  Rescued by two mysterious strangers calling themselves 'Benders," Simone begins a long road of discovery when she is told that her reality is merely a computer simulation.


Now Simone must find it in herself to not only save herself, but multiple worlds at once.


Cast:  Aileen Corpos, Marc Daratt, June Griffin Garcia, Jane Dare Haas, Sergio Cantu, Matthew Jasso



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