Academic papers

By Brett William Mauser

Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

While receiving his Bachelors and Masters Degree from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, Brett Mauser wrote several articles, abstracts, and papers.  Some of those articles and papers can be read here.  The topics range from analysis of popular films and genres to crisis communication.


A Tale of Two Futures - a look at the two different futures, their similarities and their differences, in Blade Runner and Back to the Future II.


The Price For Finding Me Was Losing You: The Rise of the Workplace Comedy With the Rise of the Working Woman - an analysis of the rise of feminism and the change in the workplace comedy.  Searching for how feminism and the real world changed how we view sitcoms.


If It Can Happen In Littleton - the paper questions the events of April 20 at Columbine High School and how the crisis management team reacted and questions how prepared they were.


Bet the Line, But Don't Cross It - An ethnography of culture at a Las Vegas Hotel Casino and Bar.


Finding and Interpreting Nonverbal Deception Cues Among the Blind and Deaf - In the search for detecting deception, a large resource of data could be those individuals with impairments.  This paper looks at the potential in hearing and sight-impaired individuals in discovering validity in deception detection studies.


The Business of Likes - As social media has exploded, so has the potential to profit from that explosion.  Companies have continued to find ways to exploit this venue and likes, views and shares are one of those techniques.


Parental Lie Detection Skills: Superior or Just Chance?  Perhaps the most difficult people to lie to are our parents.  Is there are reason for this?  It seems they always know when we are lying, but do they? And if they do, then why are they so much better and detecting deception than others?


Pitbulls and the Media: Mauling a Reputation - We've all heard the news reports and read the newspaper articles.  Breed specific Legislation is even being passed to rip loved ones away from their family, just because they are the wrong type of dog.  But which of these myths are true, and how did they become so common place?  This paper looks at the pitbull myth and how the media is responsible for perpetuating a stereotype.


Teaching Funny - What are the best ways to reach students and bring them into the classroom?  Some studies have proposed the strength and value of humor in the classroom.  Where does that state of research rest today?


Spock Was Right - A short abstract on the importance of logic in today's modern society.

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