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      In October of 2012, Not-So-Sane Entertainment officially opened its doors.  Before the company was officially formed, it completed two short films in festival competitions, The Strangers and The Loons.  Both films placed in the competitions and The Loons also walked away with Best Director and Best Music.  The short film Heroic Journey of the Gay Man was one of the projects that Not So Sane Entertainment picked up from Ponderous Productions.  The short film walked away from the South Texas Underground Film Festival Revolution Challenge as the Winner of the competition.

      While short and feature films are still part of the production company, the primary focus has shifted to music video production.  Not So Sane is available to produce music videos for all budgets.  In certain circumstances, the company has chosen tracks with great potential and produced them free of  charge.  Not So Sane Entertainment is a fully HD capable company and now shoots in glorious 4K.

Brett William Mauser

Brett William Mauser began making short video projects in high school with his friends.  What started as a way to have some creative fun evolved into a career.  After graduating Kingwood High School in 1991, Brett attended San Antonio College where he received his Associates of Applied Science Degree in Radio-Television-Film.


 In 1995, Brett relocated to Denver, Colorado.  In 1997, he founded Ponderous Productions.  While producing a community access television series called This Is Ponderous in 1998, Brett was hired by Denver Community Television as a Master Control Operator and quickly became a Production Coordinator.


When he returned to Texas in 2000, he began work as a “one-man-band” Multimedia Journalist for KXXV in Waco, Texas.  After re-establishing Ponderous Productions as a Texas Corporation in 2002, he created a Television pilot called, The Watchmen, which aired in November of 2003 on the Central Texas ABC affiliate.

In 2004, Brett became the Production Manager at KWDB, the Corpus Christi Warner Brother’s affiliate.  It was here that Brett met fellow producer Bradley Bates.  The two produced almost 100 commercial spots together, racking up awards including an Addy and several Froggies (Warner Brother’s Affiliate Awards).  While working at the station, Brett and Brad produced Barrio Angelz, which sold to Silver Nitrate and found its way to Blockbuster shelves nationwide, along with Cartel Killaz, in 2005.  Later that year, the third film in the trilogy, Shadow Dragon, was bought and internationally distributed by York Entertainment.


In 2006, Mauser returned to San Antonio where, along with Bates, he completed the bulk of his feature film experience, including the ten-film epic, The Innocence Saga, ten feature films shot in one year.  While operating in San Antonio, several other films received distribution, including Green, The Innocent Killers, After the Day, and Serial Rabbit 3 (all in Netflix’s library until 2012), as well as selling the historic bio-pic, Bass Reeves, to distributor Barnholtz Entertainment.


In 2010, Brett returned to Corpus Christi to work as a photojournalist for the Corpus Christi ABC affiliate, KIII.  After a year in the news industry, Brett left the station to focus on his education.  During that time, Ponderous Productions was closed and a new company was formed, Not-So-Sane Entertainment.  The company also began picking up numerous awards for their short films Heroic Journey of the Gay Man, The Strangers, The Loons, and The Specialists.


He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi with a Bachelors Degree in Communication in May of 2013, and then received his Masters Degree in Communication in August of 2014.  He works as Marketing Production Coordinator for the Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority where he produces informative videos and commercials, maintains the company’s website and is responsible for the graphic design of both internal and external communications. His work has received accolades from both the Southwest Transit Association and the national American Public Transportation Association.


Brett has received additional awards from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts for his work in print media and commercial production.  His anti-littering campaign and anti-texting campaigns have won multiple awards and his most recent campaign that includes an alien invasion and a dinosaur rampage promotes the CCRTA's new bus app.

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